Community Rules

– Harassment of any member is strictly prohibited on any platform we host.

– Any racist, homophobic, or sexist speech/content will not be tolerated on any platform we host.

– The release of personal information of any member without their permission on any platform is strictly prohibited.

– Minimum age to be a part of the community is 14.

– We expect all of our members to maintain a mature and non-toxic environment.

– Advertising other communities must be approved by the Admin staff.

– Mentioning roles without permission from the staff is prohibited and can result in a mute or removal.

– Mentioning more than 3 separate users in a short amount of time is not allowed.

– Posting of any malicious, offensive or sexually explicit is strictly prohibited.

– Malicious, offensive or sexually explicit usernames or profile pictures are prohibited, you will be asked to change them within a set time frame.

– Abusive use of the music bot can lead to your removal of your ability to use said bot.

– “Mic-Spam” or any other abusive or disruptive voice communications is not allowed and may result in a mute.

– Duplicate accounts will result in the removal of the oldest account. We may contact you before hand to discuss this removal.

– Self-advertising is strictly prohibited, in both voice and text channels.